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The crowd…

…never listens to, follows, retweets, or likes the idea of surrender, letting go, and detachment.


It’s hard to hear, see, and walk anytime it’s crowded.


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Podcast 48: The Questions We Must Ask For Intentional Living with Patrick Rhone


Patrick Rhone is an author, essayist, technology consultant, husband, and father living in Saint Paul, MN. His books and blog entries seek to make the world a better, friendlier, and stronger place.

I first crossed paths with Patrick via his appearance in the the Netflix documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

In this episode, Patrick gives us the three questions he uses when determining what new items or ideas to allow into his life.

Remember to share this episode and all others at Let The Music Play Podcast with those you love and those you lead.



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There’s a River that flows and runs through everything.

Some will call that River Life…some call it Love…some call it God. How about we all admit we’re grasping for metaphors here, but pointing at the same beauty?

Back to the river….

…this River flows and never runs dry.

And as we enter the Flow of this River, a form of poetry begins. Poetry that melts the sacred and secular as well as the human and divine and creatively births the now…and the only place you can get it is here…in this moment…in this breath.

If you aren’t now here, you’re nowhere.

So may you enter the flow, become the poetry, find yourself flowering.



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Habitual Cultivation of Suffering vs. Habitual Curation of Delight

Have you noticed any trends that occur for you when things don’t go your way? Before the inner frustration, agitation, conflict, and struggle sets in, is there anything that you could call the culprit of your suffering?

For me, the word that comes to mind is certainty. Anytime I subtly expect something to turn out a certain way, which conveniently is always my way, and that doesn’t happen, suffering’s uncontrollable weeds start to grow. When the only option I give the moment doesn’t come to fruition, the infinite potential of any other (and maybe even a more beautiful) horizon vanishes.

Could our certainty and expectations habitually lead us into misery?

I think so.

Now what about your delight? Are there things you consistently see or notice when delight wells up within you?

Again, I can only speak for myself. But delight most often occurs for me in a nonlinear way. Part of its beauty is that I can’t forecasts its potential or even put my thumb on its whereabouts. It’s quite random, serendipitous, and wonderfully unpredictable. It seems to shine the brightest when by moment or metaphor the unconnected somehow connects. And there’s always an element of surprise in the truest forms of delight I’ve found. In short, it’s available when I’m available.

Could a posture of openness and possibility prepare the soft hands needed to hold such holy and human delight?

I think so.

So what’s it going to be?

Misery or mystery?

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