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This week can we…

…speak with light and love?

…celebrate the success of another?

…earn our 10,000 hours?

…become a redemptive presence in our relationships, careers, and lives?

…ask greater questions?

…be ok with greater mystery?

…not fight the current of process?

…enjoy the process?

…love an enemy?

…forgive an enemy?

…dare to be seen?


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If you have peace…

…then there’s peace in the world.

We will only come to know and experience the outer world via our inner world’s vibe, temperature, and posture.

This is your friendly reminder that we’re the ones holding the keys.

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Progress & Profit are not the same thing…

In the link below you will find a wonderful, beautiful, and inspiring written dialogue between Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett. It’s fascinating and so very inspiring.

Please click the link below and behold this wonderful dialogue.


It’s our job to share good news…so please share this.

I pray your success leads you to ask bigger, better, and more beautiful questions.

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