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Can you feel the shift?

Contract work is being replaced with connection creation.

Logic is melting into love.

Mathematics is losing press to meaning.

Deals are becoming points of delight.

And the best…

“What’s your poem?” > “What’s your point?”

You won’t believe the name they’re going to have for the most savvy business and thought leader(s) of the future….


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Podcast 50: Crafting a Life of Curiosity with Pat Dodd


Pat Dodd resides in San Diego, California. With the backdrop of an oceanic horizon, Pat seeks to find, enjoy, and experience all of the wonderful gifts life has to offer.

With spiritual curiosity and cultivated relationships around the context of music, he joins us in this episode of Let The Music Play Podcast as we discuss life, wisdom, and the school of love.

You can download this episode and all other episodes of Let The Music Play Podcast in iTunes and at


PS – Check out the show notes below.

Ryan Booth (director and partner of SerialBox) (Blog, Music)
The LTP / #DoddNod Playlist includes all of the following:
Rayland Baxter
Colony House
Blake Mills (and an old video profile, but so good)
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LTMP Top 5 Posts for 2015

This was the fourth year of posting thoughts and reflections on making music with our lives, relationships, and businesses.

Thank you for your support and kind words. It is day one for all of us and that is great news.

Below you’ll find the most read and shared posts for 2015.

The Heart.

LTMP Podcast: Presence.

LTMP Podcast: Introduction to Let The Music Play.


The Uncertainty That Comes With The Alchemy of Our Days.



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