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Podcast 63: A Conversation with Sister Joan Chittister

sister joan

Sister Joan Chittister has beautifully become a conduit for the message of faith, hope, and love for over sixty years. Following the heritage and the order of Saint Benedict, Sister Joan has become one of today’s leading spiritual voices, bringing her energy and fiery spirit to everything she does. It’s through this voice that builds bridges across all religions that Sister Joan joins us at Let The Music Play Podcast as we discuss discovering the presence of the Divine under our very feet and how we can honor and celebrate the humanity of everyone whose path we intersect.

You can stream and download this episode and all other episodes of Let The Music Play Podcast in iTunes or at

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Normal, Usual, & Mundane.

Start with your breath.

Find a way to see and seize this moment by just the inhale and exhale of each breath.

Nothing special, right?

But what would the next minute be like without that breath?

Now imagine the hour with out it.

Now the day.

Now the year.

Now your life.

Once you can come to know each inhale and exhale as a gift you can then start to see the vast generosity of the world and space you’ve been entrusted.

To center in and with your breath is to become aware…and the degree to which we are cognizant of our being, electricity, and flow within us is the same degree to which we will experience and understand every minute that is being ushered into existence around us.

Notice there isn’t a right way to breathe….there isn’t a left way to breathe either….and there isn’t a female way to breathe…and there isn’t a male way to breathe…there isn’t an old way to breathe…and there isn’t a young way to breathe.

There’s simply breath and breathing.

And once the moment has become still enough for you to see that the universal playing field is level, the only appropriate reflex will be to just start doing things and gifting things so that humanity can play in the universe.





A Beginner’s Mind

Remember when you first came to know and experience something, some place, or someone new?

It was all about learning their borders, nuances, and idiosyncrasies.

Learning was enough.

And while your questions here may have led you to some answers, you were always led to another series of questions to open you up into the unique and vast beauty of this person, place, or thing.

Together you became something. Something that had never been before prior to this relationship of experience, awareness, and connection.

The end was never “in mind”.

The thrill was at hand and in the now.

Oh how we need our cup to overflow with never-ending beginnings.

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Pre-Order The Sacred Enneagram by Chris Heuertz


On September 5 The Sacred Enneagram by Chris Heuertz will be available for purchase. You can pre-order this now at Amazon by clicking the image of the book below.

I cannot say enough good things about what you will learn from both the enneagram itself and the insight that Chris brings to it.

For more information on The Sacred Enneagram and workshops Chris will be hosting this fall, go to


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A few words about few words

If you don’t know a lot about something, it’s probably easy to say a lot of words about it.

It’s funny how our self proclaimed expert minds are sometimes externally louder than what our humble hands have internally graced and experienced.

On the other hand, if you truly know the ins and outs and beauty of something, you hardly know what to say…And when you do, your heart breaks as you try to paint its form and give a description.

What is the silence that shines out of your broken heart?

What do you know by name, by essence, by soul, by heart?

Tell us a little about that.

Your little insight here is going to take us a long way.

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