Your Beauty Radar

Your beauty radar is always scanning to receive the wonderful memos of the universe.

However, the intel from this radar can be difficult to receive if other radars hold more importance in your life. Radars like the good/bad radar, the right/wrong radar, the in/out radar, the win/lose radar, the friend/foe (enemy) radar, and so forth.

Is it possible that you could allow your beauty radar to scan today and take the risk of pulling the plug on these others?

Today, notice how strange and lovely the lettuce hangs off of your plate…behold how the last drop of wine cries down your glass…sway with the swaying cottonwood…gaze into the windy sequins of the aspens…ride the wave of your child’s trademarked laugh…listen to the orchid’s whisper…thank the cardinal’s song…taste the coffee more than you feel the caffeine…and, if you can, see how something imperfect actually looks, feels, or becomes something you would label as perfect.

It appears that part of our work of being human in this day and age is going to be in cultivating the presence, awareness, and posture to receive such mysterious memos from this enchanted world that we’ve been entrusted.

We will never be able to give what we have not received.


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