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Cooking, music, gardening, relationships, business, and love are meant to be our teachers.

In them, with them, around them, and through them…there’s process.

…there’s rhythm.

…there’s surprise.

…there’s unity.

…there’s community.

…there’s togetherness.

…there’s whimsy.

…there’s expression.

…there’s happenstance.

…there’s vulnerability.

…there’s solidarity.

…there’s interconnectedness.

…there’s interdependence.

..there’s giving.

…there’s receiving.

…there’s time.

…there’s space.

Align yourself with the alchemy of all things that come your way.

The greatest teachers are even better students.

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Podcast 25 with Jamey Ice

Jamey Ice is a humanitarian, husband, father, entrepreneur, and the lead guitarist of Green River Ordinance from Fort Worth, TX. With a heart fueled with love and soul curated by curiosity, Jamey joins us to share the insight and wisdom gained by living a life that connects his joy to community, enterprise, and philanthropy.


For more information on Jamey, Green River Ordinance, and his other projects we discuss in the podcast, see the links below.

The Ice’s 

Green River Ordinance 


6th Avenue Homes



Alas, if you enjoyed this episode, please make sure that you share it with those you love and those you lead. As always, you can subscribe and stream  Let The Music Play Podcast by clicking here.

Godspeed and #LetTheMusicPlay,


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Stories, Choices, and Values.

With each new moment we walk into a story begins. It’s a story about a choice and it’s a story about choosing to interact with the ideals that we hold high and value.

Prayer is a story about a choice and something you value.

So is stillness.

So is action.

And so is an unnecessary reaction. That’s a story about a choice and a value too.

What if the fives senses were to become things we valued instead of forgotten gifts we unknowingly experienced?

For instance, what if we valued feeling the love, seeing the beauty, smelling the proverbial roses, tasting the moment, and touching the heart?

Most likely our choices would change first and then so would our stories.

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