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Gladdening the Mind > Losing the Mind

Mondays are typically anything but soulful. Between a myriad of missed calls, stacked to-do’s from the weekend, and an inbox full of Black Cats, we tend to begin our weeks in a state of heaviness in-lieu of one of openness and lightness.

Try this…gladden your mind.

On paper, write something small and human that brings you immense joy and that you can hold on to today. Or in your heart space, hold the people and ideas that light up your life for thirty seconds. Quickly, this will cause the Monday mind frown to turn upside down.

Once the mind is gladdened it’s a lot harder to lose it.

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What we think and what we know.

Both are worth waltzing with.

Then there’s what you think you know.

Sit with it, look at it, and be with it until you know it.

That is the place where we should want to lead from.

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Little Acts and Big Shifts

Cooking a meal — There’s fast food and there’s slow food. One satisfies a craving and the other satisfies the soul. As long as your phone isn’t nearby, you just might find some peace chopping vegetables and you may even enter a rhythm of being that’s quite serene and wonderfully human.

Smiling at strangers — Try this out for size. We’re not so strange after a gratuitous acknowledgment of the other’s presence.

Writing, stamping, and mailing a handwritten note — Over 3,000 times today  you were sold something. How many times today were you told something in handwritten ink on paper? I rest my case.

Look and SEE — There’s looking and then there’s seeing. I don’t think we see if we’re not looking. Try out a game of ‘I Spy’ in your life, relationships, and business.

Be Silent and Still for two to ten minutes — Try out Headspace for 10 days. When you learn to see and hear the noise you’ll find how to navigate around it and through it. When’s the last time you simply sat still? This will shift things for you.


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Musings for Your Weekend

Chef’s Table Season 2 on Netflix


If you haven’t watched Season 1, then start there. These are some of the most beautiful stories and people you’ll find in documentary world today.

Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living by Krista Tippett


Krista’s work and conversations on meaning, beauty, and the art of living have been such a gift for me over the years. Please purchase and read her new, Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living.

Watch Bonnaroo Live via Red Bull TV Live Stream


Can’t be in Tennessee this weekend? No worries. Watch the live stream from Bonnaroo. The schedule can be found here.

Lastly, if you haven’t listened to Let The Music Play Podcast, please give an episode a spin. Our guests this year have been food for the soul.

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Patterns and a Questions

Look around at the patterns that surround us.

The sun comes up. The sun goes down.

There’s day. There’s night.

Four seasons continually turn into each other and repeat the process.

The thing that holds the thing that holds the thing we are in is expanding.

What could this be telling us?

What is this saying about the foundations of our reality?

Are there a great rhythms to great truth?

And, if so, are we waltzing with them?

So much in our overlooked peripherals is whispering, “Like this.”

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