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Original > Another

This can be just another Monday.

A groggy attempt to reclaim weekend highs with a frustrated posture for wherever you may find yourself in spirit, mind, and body.

Or it can be magical, majestic, and pregnant with possibility and hope.

It can be just another ________

…or it can be an original.

Maybe your children are offering you a song that welcomes you back to your original child-likeness. Remember that ‘you’? That you never had a business card and won’t ever need one either.

Perhaps the sun that will warm your skin today is the same sun humming a tune into the dirt and vines on your block ushering spring into being out of the muck of autumn’s decay. Could the bloom(s) of spring be millions of lovely questions and affirmations bursting specifically for you? If you listen closely, you can hear them exude via color “I’m an original…and so are you!”

Or maybe this monotonous Monday has an agenda that is woven with earth and Heaven? And what if that agenda could use a conduit, a bridge, or a medium to transport something that, end the end, could transform something? What if that conduit was you? What if you were also meant to be in on the transformation?

Call it whatever you need to.

Just don’t call it Monday.

That carries too much baggage.

You’ve been given wings to go somewhere new, eyes to see with possibility, and hands to paint with hope.

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Gladdening the Mind > Losing the Mind

Mondays are typically anything but soulful. Between a myriad of missed calls, stacked to-do’s from the weekend, and an inbox full of Black Cats, we tend to begin our weeks in a state of heaviness in-lieu of one of openness and lightness.

Try this…gladden your mind.

On paper, write something small and human that brings you immense joy and that you can hold on to today. Or in your heart space, hold the people and ideas that light up your life for thirty seconds. Quickly, this will cause the Monday mind frown to turn upside down.

Once the mind is gladdened it’s a lot harder to lose it.

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The Chatter

Do you know how many conversations you’ll have with yourself today?

Answer: A lot.

There are some scientist that have reported that these small, most of the time unnoticed conversations, happen in our subconscious at the rate of 3,000-4,000 words per minute. That’s a lot of chatter. And you wouldn’t believe, or maybe you would, what this dialogue consist of.

The challenge of this chatter is not to attempt to make it go away, rather it’s knowing that it’s there and learning to waltz with the opinion of the mirrored self you are communicating with.

This post is probably more worthy of a book than a blog post.

Nevertheless, here’s the would-be Cliffsnotes for such a book or manifesto: This chatter, whatever it is, will eventually define you, your music, and your days.

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Mind. Language. Music.

It’s been said that language is the currency of the mind.

It’s also been said that music is the universal language.

Mind your music and the world around you will begin to mind your business.

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