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Good words from this week…

Crossed paths with some great words of wisdom this week…

“A house built at a crossroads is a house built on fear.” Roger W. Thompson

“Be open to it being way better than you imagined.” Mike Foster

When it comes to our most cherished relationships, Solidarity > Solutions. Bell and Joel

The Gate by Marie Howe

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There’s a reason we say that.

‘Customer’ came to us from the word custom. This screams one size doesn’t fit all.

‘Human’ has its origins in the word humus. Roots, dirt, and earth are the revolving themes here.

‘Inspiration’ contains two words: in and Spirit. 

I hope this gives a little glow to your next customer, human, and inspirational experiences.

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What if?

What if you led with what you are for in lieu of what you are against?

What if you began each interaction with those you cross paths with in the world with a ‘yes’?

What if creativity, for the purpose of enjoyment, was the purpose of your life, work, hobbies, and relationships?

What if compliment replaced critique as the soundtrack of your lips?

What if?


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You and Your Words

They carry us.

They build new worlds.

They can oxygenate a suffocating room and they suffocate a room that  breathes on hope.

They take us to new places.

They shine the way.

And, sometimes, they’re all we have.

You design and choose them and they will go wherever you send them.

And, in the end, our worlds reflect our words.

So before you say it, type it, text it, or even repeat it…think about what type of world you want to live in.

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Old Books

Ask someone ahead of you in years what they have read in their lifetime that changed them for the better.

You’ll find out a couple of things in the book(s) they share…

  1. If they’re saying that it has stuck with them then time has tested it to be true. Sticky words are good words that always linger around those who’ve had an encounter with them.
  2. Whatever they recommend, they’re looking to save you from something, align your interior world, or to take you somewhere beautiful. Thank them in advance for the bridge, the keys, or the door they have shared with you.

Always Faithful > The Latest & Greatest

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