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What’s the last book you read?

Have you noticed what it has given you eyes to see?

Have you seen how it gave you something to give someone else?

And isn’t that what we all want???? To see reality more clearly and to somehow be a gift in our world?

Seems like the reading, triggers remembering, that triggers responding.

Pass it on.

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Old Books

Ask someone ahead of you in years what they have read in their lifetime that changed them for the better.

You’ll find out a couple of things in the book(s) they share…

  1. If they’re saying that it has stuck with them then time has tested it to be true. Sticky words are good words that always linger around those who’ve had an encounter with them.
  2. Whatever they recommend, they’re looking to save you from something, align your interior world, or to take you somewhere beautiful. Thank them in advance for the bridge, the keys, or the door they have shared with you.

Always Faithful > The Latest & Greatest

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Current Reading List

The Active Life: A Spirituality of Work, Creativity, and Caring – by Parker J. Palmer

the active life parker j palmer

If found Palmer’s thoughts on action to be very enlightening. I’m seeing a lot better after these words and will for sure reread again very soon.

Walden; on, Life in the Woods – by Henry David Thoreau


I know I’m late to the ball on this one, but it’s beautiful. I’m not sure if something can become more true as it ages, but it appears that these words are waltzing into our modern world like wine.

Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope, and Repair – by Anne Lamott


I think we sow for ourselves a blanket over time with our experiences and insight we gather throughout our days. Everyday gathering another piece of a meaning, hope, and joy to stitch to the blanket we’ve been sowing all our lives. My blanket is bigger and my soul is warmer after I read Anne’s words.

If you don’t read and these titles don’t interest you, no worries. But I ask you to give something a shot. Google the galaxies, check out a TED talk, and just find a way to get curious about something. I think you’ll find that the more dots you find, the more dots you’ll connect.

And it’s all connected.

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Mid-Year Books and Summer Suggestions

If you’re looking for some reading this summer, here’s a few books I’ve read this year and would recommend. Enjoy.

On Looking

download 2












Alexandria Horowitz gives us all an elbowing nudge as a reminder of what we look over, look around, miss, and miss out on. You’ll see what I mean when you read her words.

Moonwalking With Einstein

einstein 2












You didn’t know there were such thing as mental athletes did you? This one takes some time and focus, but it’s a lovely peek into how our memory works (or how much we think we know at this time about the plumbing of the mind).

The Wisdom of Insecurity 

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Here’s the CliffsNotes: Anxiety is too much future in your presence and guilt and shame is too much past in your presence. Now > Then and There.

The Everything Store

everythin 2












A very interesting look behind the walls of a relentless company and relentless man, Jeff Bezos. They leave an empty seat in every corporate meeting as symbol of the customer being in the meeting and having a say. Love that.

Leonard da Vinci: Flights of the Mind

da vinci












I left this book with two thoughts: 1) Genius is much more organic than we’ve been told and sold that it is. 2) Art is a three-way fight between man, mind, and soul.

The Innovator’s Dilemma













From here on out, here’s the winning business model: Where there’s peace, disturb it.

Memos from the Chairman













I’ll read this again and again. It’s hilarious and drills home the appreciation of the dollar, paper clips, and turning off the lights when you leave a room.

Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Brilliance













This book has probably moved into my top 20 list and is the perfect read for anyone that is about to graduate from school, looking to start something, take a chance, or go after a dream.

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Now I Know My ZYX’s

My wife has created the coolest play area for our girls at our home. It screams think big, think differently, think in color, and let your music play.

On one of the walls in this room is a vintage alphabet with each letter individually framed on the wall. While spending time with one of my daughters in this room this weekend, I decided to learn the alphabet backwards.

I’ve attempted this before, but have not had any luck. Nevertheless, this time was different. I had the full picture of the alphabet in front of me.

After 10 minutes of stuttered chants and eyes locked on the wall I could do finally it without a pause or flaw.

We need the full picture don’t we?

Only then can we go from start to finish or from finish to start and never feel like a fish out of water.



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