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Good Word of the Day // Doing Without

“We are happy in direct proportion to the things we can do without.” Henry David Thoreau

The Keepers of Color with Jon Marro Good / True / & Beautiful | with Ashton Gustafson

Take a creative hero’s journey through magic, myth, and mindfulness to rediscover the greatest work of your life – You. https://jonmarro.com/
  1. The Keepers of Color with Jon Marro
  2. The Enneagram for Spiritual Formation with AJ Sherrill
  3. Death to Life with John S. Bower
  4. The Power of Ritual with Casper ter Kuile
  5. The Miracle Morning with Hal Elrod

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Current Reading List

The Active Life: A Spirituality of Work, Creativity, and Caring – by Parker J. Palmer

the active life parker j palmer

If found Palmer’s thoughts on action to be very enlightening. I’m seeing a lot better after these words and will for sure reread again very soon.

Walden; on, Life in the Woods – by Henry David Thoreau


I know I’m late to the ball on this one, but it’s beautiful. I’m not sure if something can become more true as it ages, but it appears that these words are waltzing into our modern world like wine.

Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope, and Repair – by Anne Lamott


I think we sow for ourselves a blanket over time with our experiences and insight we gather throughout our days. Everyday gathering another piece of a meaning, hope, and joy to stitch to the blanket we’ve been sowing all our lives. My blanket is bigger and my soul is warmer after I read Anne’s words.

If you don’t read and these titles don’t interest you, no worries. But I ask you to give something a shot. Google the galaxies, check out a TED talk, and just find a way to get curious about something. I think you’ll find that the more dots you find, the more dots you’ll connect.

And it’s all connected.

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