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Today Not Tomorrow and the Power of One

If have found the power of one handshake with a stranger, one conversation with a friend, one tough call made, one new idea birthed, one difficult action performed, and one simple day can change your life.

Do you realize how significant today is?

There’s music to be had.

Seize it.



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Degree Insert

What if some variation of this was inserted into every tube they put a degree in next month across our nation’s universities?

  • Busy doesn’t mean profitable.
  • The difference in you at 22 and you at 27 will be the books you read and the people you meet. Shake a lot of hands, be nice, and read everything you can get your hands on (the subject doesn’t matter).
  • You get to use your notes in real life – so take good ones and pay attention.
  • You never know the test question in real life – so train, prepare, be sharp, and know your stuff.
  • Find as many mentors as you can possibly gather and spend as much time as you can with them.
  • Take a sabbath and it doesn’t have to be on Sunday.
  • Don’t trade love for money. If there’s no passion in your work, your art will reflect that.
  • Stay close with the friends you’ve made here. They will be on the same battle field you are throughout life.
  • The news media buys your eyes by selling ads. Careful with claiming it as gospel.
  • Just because you can TiVo doesn’t mean your TV consumption should go up.
  • Work hard then work smart. It rarely works in reverse order.
  • Google everything.
  • Find out what it means for you to Let The Music Play.

Looking back over the last 2,500 days, I’ve learned a lot since graduation. Often I’ve wished what I’ve learned would have been taught during my college days.

But I’m not so sure it can be taught. It appears it has to be learned.

PS – I just noticed that learned has the word “earned” in it. Looks like there is supposed to be effort and challenge involved in learning these things.

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Gandhi once said…”Action expresses priorities.”

I’m going to start referring to this as A.E.P. And today A.E.P. becomes tattooed all over my office, car, and even my hand (with marker).

In other words…

  • My laziness reveals something about my priorities.
  • My focus shows what is important to me.
  • My complaining casts a shadow on what I value.
  • Alas, my instrument practice shows how much I care about my music.

The only thing I can find that precedes an action is a decision. So the question for the day is, how are you going to decide to act?

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How Soon?

How soon will it be until all of this sets in?

  • The world is smaller than ever and shrinking in size daily.
  •  A Human Touch > Digital Footprint
  • Print media Kool-Aid has passed its use by date.
  • Decision and action will change your life.
  • Music gets noticed in a noisy world.
  • Cheese moves.
  • Love wins.

Timing is everything so pray it sets in sooner than later.

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The Wave

Watch how the wave begins at the next baseball game you go to.

It starts with one guy/girl flailing their arms and looking a bit foolish.

Next, some others in his/her section join in.

Eventually, on the other side of the stadium the people start hearing the roar from the wave building steam. They look for it, find it, and point it out to the person next to them…next – their section is catching up and joining the fun.

The wave is the perfect metaphor for your ideas, products, and services…it’s ok to be weird. Get pointed at, be talked about, and build the wave.

Couple thoughts:

  • Most waves (movements) start in the cheap seats. Status doesn’t start things.
  • The joy is owned by the guy/girl and the section that started the wave. The buzz is in the creation and execution.
  • One guy/girl looking goofy is goofy. 48,000 guys/girls looking goofy simultaneously is remarkable.
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