The Wave

Watch how the wave begins at the next baseball game you go to.

It starts with one guy/girl flailing their arms and looking a bit foolish.

Next, some others in his/her section join in.

Eventually, on the other side of the stadium the people start hearing the roar from the wave building steam. They look for it, find it, and point it out to the person next to them…next – their section is catching up and joining the fun.

The wave is the perfect metaphor for your ideas, products, and services…it’s ok to be weird. Get pointed at, be talked about, and build the wave.

Couple thoughts:

  • Most waves (movements) start in the cheap seats. Status doesn’t start things.
  • The joy is owned by the guy/girl and the section that started the wave. The buzz is in the creation and execution.
  • One guy/girl looking goofy is goofy. 48,000 guys/girls looking goofy simultaneously is remarkable.
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