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A Full Day

Just how bright can you make today?

Quite bright if you’re purposeful. You do this by being full of purpose.

Just how radiant can you find today?

Very radiant if you look for what’s wonderful. You get full of wonder when you fill yourself with wonder.

How much illumination can you pull from today?

An endless amount when you’re willing to be meaningful in your moments. We are all metaphors. What shadow do you cast?

Celebrating Possibility > Succumbing to the Unknown.

Alas, full days lead to full lives and even brighter futures.

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Now let’s leave fame, because the brand is there long before any name recognition is realized.




And what about you?

Branding is about ora…it’s about what lingers even when you’re not present. Branding is what is held in the reflection of one’s memory.

If it’s not on your resume, consider it branding. Because you can’t do branding. You simply live in a way that gives out an energy, taste, vibe, or experience that in the end is the brand.

Day in build, polish, mold, test, and discover what it means to be you and develop your brand. Day out, repeat.

It’s work to stand for something worth remarking on.

Let it be.

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I’m looking to buy a noun.

It happens sporadically throughout our days. We make a food purchase here, a hotel purchase there, and purchase an insurance policy every so often. All these places, things, ideas, and even people, we buy in the blink of an eye. But there’s a lot more going on in the blink that we typically give credit to.

This is a conversation about one’s preference.

So if you’re looking to be the preferred choice, are you an easy ‘no’ or an appealing ‘yes’?

Sales 101: You gain appeal with questions, not statements.


All things we accumulate happen under the radar. We don’t see them individually until one by one they pile up.

So you didn’t eat the apple yesterday and you’re not at the doctor today. Proceed with caution.

The second best time to plant a tree is now.

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