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You and Your Works of Art

Whatever is renewing,

whatever connects,

whatever is kind,

whatever is lovely,

whatever can give us eyes,

whatever allows us to taste,

whatever is original,

whatever is gentle,

whatever is healing,

whatever is freeing,

whatever names the nameless,

whatever moves us,

whatever changes us,

whatever unites us,

whatever is present,

whatever is the song of your soul,

whatever is the poem in your pulse,

whoever you are…

do that.

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Once you’ve discovered the light within, which has always been there, another door opens for you to discover that this light you bear is also found within everyone else too.

And the same can be said for everything and everyone.

Everything…and everyone.

The good.

The bad.

The painful.

The beautiful.

Think of a time when you discovered another soul that had a passion for something that you had as well. Immediately a “me to” bridge connected you to them. And what about the time(s) you randomly crossed paths with someone that also had a similar struggle or synonymous pain? Those “me too” moments somehow also created a bridge to a place that was safe and not so lonely.

How fascinating! Both the pain and the pleasure can connect us to the ones we weren’t connected with.

Something deep inside of me tells me that union is the point to all of this.

All of this: the work, the joy, the pain, and the pleasure. It seems that history is pointing in the direction of a wonderful reunion with all things.

So find what you have experienced to be true: the songs, the suffering, the flavors, the struggles, and the joy…and claim them.

And with open hands and hearts, live out your days and walk with the hope of divine happenstance. Because someone soon will cross this path of yours and you just might need each other. This is called solidarity. This is called vulnerability. This is what it means to be human.

And then there will be a re-union of some sort…

…and I can’t think of a better plot, theme, or punchline for the happenings of our universe.


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Whole and in union. > Fragmented and divided.

Have you ever met a whole person? If you have, they stick with you. Their words, their insights, their expressions, their actions, and their responses all echo from a place of wholeness, unity, reconciliation, and compassion. Everything about them is like a song. A song that heals. A song that illuminates. They know that they don’t know and somehow this has mysteriously connected their dots of life, meaning, and purpose.

Have you ever spent time with a fragmented or divided person? Every moment offers them an opportunity to earn another Masters of Victim Administration. They’ll hand out mirrors as often as they can but they’ll never look in one themselves. The problem is always “over there” and it could never be “in here”. They define everything, including themselves and others, through the lens of competition, criticism, ranking, fragmentation, and division. For some reason they would rather chop and retweet wood with the media to fuel the fires of noise than be an unnoticed vessel for redemption. This is consciousness at the lowest, reptilian level.

The etymology of the word and the idea of a person, comes from the latin verb personare. Per = through….sonar = sound. A sounding through. The original meaning of what it meant to be human was to be a sounding through. How beautiful is that?

Lesson(s) of the day:

  • The message of hope and the music of Love cannot travel through something that is fragmented and divided.
  • We have to start sharing the good and healing moments and movements that are happening and not the loud and clanging symbols of quid pro quo.
  • Most noise makers, unfortunately, haven’t been shown a better way. That’s where you come in.


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Original > Copy

There’s never been another you. To own that reality is a choice.

It’s also choice to become a replica of what has already been.

Nevertheless, in all of our individual originality, we do all rhyme with Love.

One love…in billions and billions of never-before forms.

This is our story.

This is our song.

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The heartbeat of the organic movement isn’t a new trendy idea.

The heart beat is just that…a move back to the heart of the matter and back to the beat that made the music possible in the first place. In other words, it’s a waltz back to our origins.

The proverbial cat is out of the bag and there’s only one party to blame – tampering.

So when it comes to all things: people, relationships, businesses, and, yes, even our foods, we are finding it’s best to let things happen as they may.

We shouldn’t be shocked that wheat without fertilizer taste better. But for some reason, we’ll trade flavor for more in most spaces.

And we shouldn’t be surprised when our relationships bloom with more color and aroma in native, natural soil with wind rain rather than moment to moment ‘miracle-gro’ at mentions and retweets.

Alas, “can we be friends?” may just be the only business model necessary in a world currently powered by spampaigns.

Have you ever noticed what the first two letters of best spells?

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