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That’s Amore


Maybe it was a meal. One where you could graph each flavor on the fork. The wine seemed to be encoded with a holy memo. And the conversation felt as though it was tied to something that always was and always will be.

Maybe it was with a child. You saw they had no sense of yesterday or tomorrow. The moment, the now, was all that they knew. It was all there was and all they had capacity for. And they were delighted to be your teacher as you became their student.

Maybe it was a flash of a moment on an autumn walk. As golden leaves swirled above, below, and around you, you felt connected. Connected to all of it. It was like you were the point of origin for heaven and earth to conspire in the universe.

Or maybe it was walking through an airport. Strolling through faces you started to see eyes. And after you saw the eyes all you started to see was the soul and the essence of each individual. All you could take in was our unity and likeness. Uniformity was nowhere on your radar.

That’s amore.

That’s all we’ve ever lived, moved, and had our being in.

The moment.

The now.

No past.

No future.



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We get the word human from humus. In Latin, humus literally means soil.

In other words, when humans (before they called themselves humans) first needed a word to agree on to describe who and what they were, they pointed to the dirt…the ground…the place of growth and the setting for decomposition to create what’s next.

And yet there’s also a dimension of Spirit with our grounded, ‘humusness’.

There’s soul moving in the soil.

Theres being happening in the biology.

There’s something divine playing in the space between our first breath and our decomposition.

We are cocktails of Heaven and Earth.

How will you put these two together?

Your answer is what I call the music.

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Once you’ve discovered the light within, which has always been there, another door opens for you to discover that this light you bear is also found within everyone else too.

And the same can be said for everything and everyone.

Everything…and everyone.

The good.

The bad.

The painful.

The beautiful.

Think of a time when you discovered another soul that had a passion for something that you had as well. Immediately a “me to” bridge connected you to them. And what about the time(s) you randomly crossed paths with someone that also had a similar struggle or synonymous pain? Those “me too” moments somehow also created a bridge to a place that was safe and not so lonely.

How fascinating! Both the pain and the pleasure can connect us to the ones we weren’t connected with.

Something deep inside of me tells me that union is the point to all of this.

All of this: the work, the joy, the pain, and the pleasure. It seems that history is pointing in the direction of a wonderful reunion with all things.

So find what you have experienced to be true: the songs, the suffering, the flavors, the struggles, and the joy…and claim them.

And with open hands and hearts, live out your days and walk with the hope of divine happenstance. Because someone soon will cross this path of yours and you just might need each other. This is called solidarity. This is called vulnerability. This is what it means to be human.

And then there will be a re-union of some sort…

…and I can’t think of a better plot, theme, or punchline for the happenings of our universe.


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