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I’m Loving Qualia

With so many supplements on the market today, it’s hard to know where to start, what they’re all for, and which ones actually deliver on their promise. But there is one supplement that seems to be leaving almost everyone, from the average consumer to the most educated scientists in the world, in high praise. The supplement is called Qualia, by a new California startup called Neurohacker Collective.Qualia1_2 This isn’t a normal supplement company, and Qualia isn’t a normal supplement. Qualia is what is called a “nootropic”. That means a supplement designed to improve mental performance in a host of ways. Science is learning that everything from mood to focus, clarity to willpower, all can be improved with the right nutrients and ingredients. The problem though, is the best ingredients are rare, sourcing them for purity is hard, and combining them with each other in the right dosages for maximum effect first requires an exhaustive education for the average consumer.

Enter Neurohacker Collective. This is an inspired startup of some of the best and brightest minds in neuroscience and complex systems science. In short, they know their stuff when it comes to cutting-edge nutritional supplements, and when you try Qualia, you’ll know it.

With over 40 rare and premium brain boosting ingredients formulated with optimal dosages, the difference in mental performance, mood, and energy from Qualia is incredible. But what makes Qualia such a stunning formula is that even though it’s primarily intended for breakthrough mental performance, many of its ingredients have secondary effects that are almost as awesome. Its large doses of anti-inflammatory ingredients have many athletes reporting faster muscle recovery from workouts. And great antioxidants fight free radical damage while a litany of B, C & D vitamins overlap the purpose of other supplements clogging the drawers of your kitchen. It turns out, what is good for the brain (Qualia’s purpose) has a lot of overlap in what is good for the body. Simply put, if you took no other supplement besides Qualia, you’d be giving your body a great health boost, and by taking Qualia you are nourishing your mind with what it needs to achieve a level of mood and mental performance that can revolutionize…

  • Your career performance.
  • Your emotional state to be the friend, parent, and spouse your loved ones deserve.
  • Your creative pursuits such as art, music, and invention.

The best part? If you’re in the (very) small group of people that Qualia doesn’t work for? There’s an easy, hassle-free full-refund. You even get to keep the first month of product you ordered.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about Qualia, and the groundbreaking team at Neurohacker Collective through media in near future. To try Qualia with a full money-back guarantee for 100 days, go here.  Use checkout code ASHTON for 10% off of your order!

Most notice the effects to mental clarity within an hour of taking it the first time, and the benefits just keep increasing in time from there. This supplement blew me away. Give Qualia a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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A Conversation with Mike Bagale / Alinea / Executive Chef / Chicago, IL

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Mike Bagale combines a unique mix of a broadly artistic mind with a calm, pragmatic, and practical approach to running a complex kitchen.

Mike’s artistic interests began in film school, attending Ryerson University in Toronto and the New York Film Academy. In 2002 his interest in cooking began when he enrolled at Florida Culinary in Palm Beach.

In 2004 he began working at the Four Seasons hotels and spent 4 years in their programs from Palm Beach, Washington D.C., and Miami, ending up as the Chef de Cuisine of the 5 Diamond Resort at the Palm Beach property. In 2009, after a successful 2-day tryout, he joined the team at Alinea as chef de partie.

His relentless drive and work ethic moved him quickly up the ladder at Alinea. He was a constant creative collaborator in the kitchen and was promoted to sous chef quickly in 2010. It was that year that he cracked the code to ‘floating food’ with the famous Balloon course. Mike was named Executive Chef of Alinea in 2012.

Follow Mike on Instagram and learn more about Alinea here.

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In and Out

We see out of the posture we’ve settled our hearts into..


…we live out of the places we’ve directed our thoughts into.

What goes in will come out.

We know who frequents McDonald’s.

We can tell who consistently eats their veggies.

The same goes for our hearts, eyes, and minds.

So if it’s all going to hell in a handbasket (as you see it), I invite you to examine the consciousness in which you have gathered items for you very own handbasket.

Remember, what goes in will come out.

If your very own handbasket is full of labels, critique, coveting, comparison, scarcity, measurement, and competition then, yes, you may be blinded to all of the good and beautiful things that life is ushering into existence for you. I would call such blindness hell too.

Now….What would it take for you to develop a consciousness that could see, embrace, know, and enjoy the potentiality of heaven at your fingertips?

How would your life experience shift if you filled your handbaskets with a loving spirit, gentle eyes, a kind heart, a controlled tongue, a mind that kept no record of wrongs, and hands that were pursuing peace?

These are questions worth sitting with.


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Meaningful Work with Shawn Askinosie

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In 2005, Shawn Askinosie left a successful career as a criminal defense lawyer to start a bean to bar chocolate factory and never looked back.

Askinosie Chocolate is a small batch, award winning chocolate factory located in Springfield, Missouri, sourcing 100% of their beans directly from farmers. The only chocolate maker working directly with cocoa farmers on four continents, Shawn travels to regions of Ecuador, the Philippines and Tanzania to source cocoa beans for his chocolate. This allows the chocolate to be traced to the source and labeled authentic single origin. It also enables Askinosie Chocolate to profit share with the farmers, giving them a “Stake In the Outcome,” a principle he learned from author/entrepreneur Jack Stack.

Recently named by Forbes “One of the 25 Best Small Companies in America”, Askinosie Chocolate has also been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, on Bloomberg, MSNBC, and numerous other national and international media outlets.

The Askinosie Chocolate mission is to serve their farmers, their neighborhood, their customers and each other, sharing the Askinosie Chocolate experience by leaving the world a better place than they found it. The company is currently sustainably feeding over 1,600 students per day in Tanzania and the Philippines, without any donations. Founded at the forefront of the American craft chocolate revolution and regarded by many as a vanguard in the industry, Askinosie Chocolate sets the standard: they are one of the few chocolate makers in the world who press their own cocoa butter (to make their chocolate truly single origin) and the only American craft chocolate maker to produce a natural cocoa powder; they were the first American craft chocolate makers to create white chocolate, as well as a chocolate hazelnut spread (says The New York Times: “one spoonful of Askinosie’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and all memory of Nutella is gone”).

Shawn was named by O, The Oprah Magazine “One of 15 Guys Who Are Saving the World.” They said, “Why we’re fans: The philanthropically-minded chocolate entrepreneur aims to get students thinking about business ethics in a way that could have ripple effects for generations.” For his efforts in “Advancing food standards… by creating social, economic, and environmental impact”, Shawn was awarded Top Business Leader of the Year in 2013 by the Specialty Food Association. Shawn has been awarded honorary doctorates from University of Missouri-Columbia and Missouri State University. In 2015, Askinosie Chocolate was awarded a complimentary membership to the Clinton Global Initiative for the company’s social efforts around the world. Seth Godin, entrepreneur and author, recently praised the company’s model: “[Shawn] has built a practice of creating a worthwhile luxury good that directly benefits people. Not sort of. Not a little. But directly.”

Askinosie Chocolate has received 3 Good Food Awards, considered to be the Oscars of food; 6 silver awards from the Specialty Food Association; and 7 International Chocolate Awards, including the Gold World Award for the Dark Chocolate + Licorice bar. The small team at Askinosie works directly with all of their retailers and sells their chocolate into specialty food stores, luxury boutiques, and high-end grocery chains throughout the US in nearly all fifty states and across the globe.

Shawn’s book, recently released, co-written with his daughter Lawren, published by Penguin titled “Meaningful Work: The Quest To Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul” is an Amazon #1 New Release. Read Seth Godin’s review of the book here.


He is a Family Brother at Assumption Abbey, a Trappist monastery near Ava, Missouri and the co-founder of Lost & Found, a grief center serving children and families in Southwest Missouri.

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