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Fall In Love With The Dots

Steve Jobs once said, “it’s easy to connect the dots looking backwards.”

In other words, on this side of success it’s easy to see the thousands of small things that got you to success.

But we don’t celebrate the small do we?

We should more often.

Today, may we celebrate taking a chance that no one saw.

Today, may we celebrate just one day without __________ (what’s holding you back).

Today, may we celebrate 10 pages of a book read.

Today, may we celebrate a walk around the block.

Today, may we celebrate one page written for your book.

All of these small dots, blips, and little/unnoticeable actions will get us where we long to go.

Fall in love with the dots. Rest assured, they will love you back. It just may take 10 years, a career, or a lifetime to notice.

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Almost may be the place keeping from your goals and dreams.

You’ve almost completed the _____.

You’ve almost made all the calls.

You’ve almost checked everything off the list.

You’ve almost finished the proposal.

The problem with almost is that it allows you to boast with, “look how far I’ve come.”

Finish it.

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An Argument Against Scalability

For all profit purposes this post won’t have much gas.
But this isn’t an entry about profit.
I’ve now been to numerous conferences this year for my industry and this year’s buzz word has been scalability. I.E. create something that anyone can implement into his/her business. The goal here is to get us back to the industrial revolution – where everyone worked at the factory. And while scalability is a worthy discussion in both our businesses and our personal lives, I think there is a valid need for the discussion pendulum to be thrown to the opposite side where scalability is impossible.
And that’s where you come in.
What about you and your thing? What about that thing between your ears and the thing beating in your chest?
See I’m on the side that thinks you, your heart, and your mind is so unique, so special, and, fortunately, so weird – that scalability is impossible with you.
The gap between your first and last breath was never meant to be duplicated, copycatted, or available for rerun.
For instance, since Steve’s departure Apple has really only done two things: shrink the iPad and make the iPhone lighter. Steve wasn’t scalable and neither were his ideas. Could it be, perhaps, that the company lost some of its whimsey with Steve’s departure? Now we are just seeing the aftermath of what they can scale. I’m sure more whimsey is on the way, but we haven’t seen it as of late.
I found another example in a story from this weekend’s Wall Street Journal on Tory Burch. The author of the story noted noted that “to buy a Burch is to buy a bit of the woman her-self.” But you can’t be Tory Burch and you certainly can’t scale her. She IS the brand and you can only wear “a bit” of what she dreamed in threads. About the only thing scaled with her, and scaled very very well, is a stacked-T logo that follows her ideas globally.
Yes, scalability can lead you to streamlining and profitability, but it shouldn’t be the end goal.
I believe your creative purpose is a thanksgiving feast for the soul and scalability doesn’t push the envelope, it just does what its told.
Make some money but please also make a statement, make a difference, and make a change.
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Raving Narrators

The choices are never-ending on how you can differentiate.

You can differentiate with:



ease of use,





price (careful),

sound advice in-lieu of mounds of information,

and on and on and on.

We don’t just want another salesman, another fancy hotel, or another good meal.

We want a story.

Mr. or Mrs. Entrepreneur, you are the author of these stories. And if it’s done right, your people who experience these stories will repeat them over and over.

Everyone wants raving fans. Really, though, we should want raving narrators.

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Leaders embrace change.

Leaders predict change.

Leaders create the change.

Laggards deny the embrace, mock the prediction, and fear creating for the sake of what the others may think or say.

Leading > Lagging

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