Fall In Love With The Dots

Steve Jobs once said, “it’s easy to connect the dots looking backwards.”

In other words, on this side of success it’s easy to see the thousands of small things that got you to success.

But we don’t celebrate the small do we?

We should more often.

Today, may we celebrate taking a chance that no one saw.

Today, may we celebrate just one day without __________ (what’s holding you back).

Today, may we celebrate 10 pages of a book read.

Today, may we celebrate a walk around the block.

Today, may we celebrate one page written for your book.

All of these small dots, blips, and little/unnoticeable actions will get us where we long to go.

Fall in love with the dots. Rest assured, they will love you back. It just may take 10 years, a career, or a lifetime to notice.

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