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The Aftermath After Math

You + Your Ideas = The Future

Eagle Eye View + Cheetah Eye View = Holistic Education

Decision + Brilliant Execution = Change

Big Hat + No Cattle = Big Hat

Me – My Pride = A Better Man

Listening + Responding + Service = Flawless Business Model

After the math lies the aftermath, and it is in these algorithms where we can decipher what is music or what is noise happening around us.

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Careful not to be locked in your world.

Exposure to “otherness” will leads us all to see that we are all after
the same thing…hope.

Cowboy boots can learn a little something on a Manhattan subway, and
so can Brooks Brothers sleeves rolled up to serve at a shelter.

These boots were not just made for horseback, and these suits were
also meant for serving, not just selling.

It never ceases to amaze me how much “we” and “otherness” have in common. In the same breath, I’m always taken by the beauty that unfolds in the aftermath of cross-pollination.

The fingers of a bluegrass mandolin can learn a lot from a blue jazz soul.

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CEO Responsibilities

It’s not to talk a lot…

Rather, it’s to take the Sales Division and have them see the Service Division.

It’s to take the Finance Department and have them see in two colors: Profit and Loss.

It’s to take H.R. and have them see, love, and lead a family.

It’s to take the Logistics Division and insure their watch batteries never die. Clock-minded.

It’s to take the Marketing Department and have them pass out mirrors to everyone in the organization.

It’s to take Product Development on camping trips where they can star-gaze and dream.

His/her job is all about vision.

The Road to Life

The road to life is a disciplined life…Proverbs 10:17

Let’s dissect this.

1) There is a road that leads to life.

2) That road is called Disciplined Drive.

3) There are not multiple roads that lead to life.

4) The road is open to the public…not a tollway.

I’ve met many travelers that burn their tires down this road daily. These travelers are my heroes. They are:

  • Consistent.
  • Conditioned.
  • Exit this road daily with a completed to-do list.
  • Love focused.
  • Mesmerized by the journey and not the reward.
  • Prioritized (God, Family, Business).
  • Unlike the nomad, they are equipped with maps.
  • Can’t and impossible don’t exist in their vocabulary.
  • Destination bound.
  • Readers.
  • Deaf to their critics, but open-eared to their lifelines.

Daily we arrive at the stoplight intersection of Disorganized Street and Disciplined Road.

Straight leads to noise, but a right turn leads to music.

Go ahead. You can turn right on red.


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In 4th grade I can recall hours and hours of class time devoted to something called the T.A.A.S. test. This was (or is) the standardized test given to different age levels throughout the Texas public school system to grade one’s “aptitudes” up to this point.

The big deal of the T.A.A.S. test (or what I was convinced was the big deal) was the writing part of the exam. We were convinced this was such a big deal and so stressful that the teachers would make us stress relievers to squeeze and teach us yoga-like, meditating breathing techniques to use during this writing part of the exam. I was 10 years old, mind you.

To this day I can remember the Golden Rules we learned for writing on this exam.

  • Fill the pages with as many words as you can.
  • Use big fancy words.
  • Adjectives, Adjectives, Adjectives = A+

And now I’m unlearning what was required to be meditated on…

Less can be more. Big words sound fake. The right words won’t need adjectives.

What would happen if more 10-year-old fingers touched pianos prior to holding the pen?

I think the music would start to unfold in both scenarios.




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