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What’s in front of you.


Just do that.

A mess? Clean it up.

A job? Do it. Do it in a way only you can.

The blinking cursor? Type. And keep typing.

A meal? Taste. Enjoy. Give thanks.

Another’s tears? Hold them. Sit with them. Don’t try to fix them. Just be with them.

What our past was and what are future will become pales in comparison to what Heaven is ushering at our fingertips.

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The question…

…at the end of a life, a day, a career, a meal, a vacation, a conversation, or a moment is always ‘Was it beautiful?’

We may ask it in various forms…’Was it good? Was it bad? Was it right? Was it wrong? Was it worthwhile? Was it a wast of time?’

But the question underneath all of these questions is one that’s about beauty.

We all want beauty in, over, and on our days.

But, remember, beauty starts with be.

Let’s start here BEfore we move our focus to doing and having.

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