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Back Tomorrow

Perhaps the hidden secret to accomplishment, goal fulfillment, or dream achievement is found in coming back over and over to what you started.

Day after day after day after day we must come back to the puzzle, the song that needs finishing, the story that needs to wrap up, or the poem that needs to be signed, sealed, and delivered.

At some point we all say ‘the end’ to today.

But those we follow, those that give us a glimpse to the future, and those that show us how things truly are show up tomorrow and follow ‘the end’ with ‘I’m back’.

Finish today. Finish it well.

The space between ”The end’ and ‘I’m back’ is just enough to let the paint dry so you can polish tomorrow.

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Swap and Ricochet

I get a lot of joy with a cup of coffee and idea swapping with a friend or stranger.

And yet, I don’t do it enough.

This should be a pursuit for us all: more swapping.

Invoke thy sense of awe, ignite wonder, swap your ideas, and let them ricochet where they may.

Where two or more are gathered, I’m convinced the trailing sound of ricocheting ideas is where this is all headed.

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Unconnected Connecting

William Plomer once called creativity “the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.”

The dots are knocking with offerings and we must answer to connect them.

What are the dots? They’re endless: sunsets, story, meaning, children, food, art, music, sports, rest, rush, friends, trials, excitement, fly fishing, oceans, fulfillment, business, hope, profit, loss, strife, peace, family, legacy, joy, people, experience, stars, team members, love, and anything else you can imagine or care about.

We follow those that connect us with the seemingly unconnected.

Someone out there first thought a marriage between peanut butter and jelly was a good idea. Now that marriage owns the market share of America’s lunch pails.





A single value (as a mean, mode, or median) that summarizes or represents the general significance of a set of unequal values.

By definition alone this cannot be you.

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What’s Your Gut Saying?

Probably something along the lines of a push towards fulfillment, experience, and meaning.

A push towards music and, hopefully, a pull away from the noise.

Nevertheless, if you never listen you will never hear it – and that’s one voice you don’t want to forget the sound of.

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