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1000 Steps

Thomas Edison made over 1000 unsuccessful attempts creating the light bulb.

When asked about how it felt to fail 1000 times, he simply responded with saying, “I didn’t fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.”

How many of us throw our hands up and surrender the dream at step 2? I’m guilty.

It’s quite dangerous to not repeatedly fail.

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The Boundary Between Music and Noise

In 1983 Thomas Clifton wrote about the subjective experience of music and said the boundary between music and noise changes over time as the conventions of musical interpretation evolve within a culture, to be different in different cultures at any given moment, and to vary from person to person according to their experience and proclivities. It is further consistent with the subjective reality that even what would commonly be considered music is experienced as nonmusic if the mind is concentrating on other matters and thus not perceiving the sound’s essence as music.

That may be one of the most beautiful distinguishing blueprints of music/noise that I’ve ever read.

At LTMPblog we seek to find experience, meaning, and fulfillment within the framework of music as a metaphor with our lives, families, and businesses. Essentially, our goal is to define, find, and create whatever the music to your follower’s, friend’s, and customer’s ear is…and you can do this by noticing what their hands exchange, observing where their feet take them, and reading their expressions and experiences within one’s cultural framework and mindset as they partake in your so-called music.

Whatever or whomever you’re leading, just know that music leaves clues.

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P’s and Q’s

Prediction: Please, thank you, I’m sorry, and I love you will be the most useful and, I bet, unusual words heard and used 100 years from today for us, our lives, and our businesses.

Sadly, they’re already quite unusual today in the hustle and bustle of commerce, he-said-she-said culture, and everyday life.

Things change when we know we’re loved, when we belong, and when we know we’re cared for. For one, there is no pull in the green of the greener grass that is constantly offered by the massess.

Do your customers think or do they know they’re loved by you and that you are grateful for them?

P’s and Q’s: the all too often forgotten business of business.

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You’ve Been Granted Citizenship

How do I get to _____? Where’s a good place to _______? What does it mean when ________? Como se dice ________?

This is tourist talk.

The masses are tourists of their dreams. Only visiting every so often and never fully learning the language.

Change gears.

This is who I am. This is where I’m going. This is what this all means.

A citizen says and knows such things.

If no one has ever told you this, I’m sorry – but you are most definitely worthy of citizenship in your dreams.

Enter. Interact. Partake. Soak it in. Drink it up. This is real.


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Minding Your Manners or Minding Your Competition?

Saying please and thank you to your customers always pays a much greater dividend than discovering the flaws and weaponry of your competition.

Couple thoughts:

Business success loves standing in the shadows of the customer spotlight.

Customer Care > Competition Concern.

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