The Boundary Between Music and Noise

In 1983 Thomas Clifton wrote about the subjective experience of music and said the boundary between music and noise changes over time as the conventions of musical interpretation evolve within a culture, to be different in different cultures at any given moment, and to vary from person to person according to their experience and proclivities. It is further consistent with the subjective reality that even what would commonly be considered music is experienced as nonmusic if the mind is concentrating on other matters and thus not perceiving the sound’s essence as music.

That may be one of the most beautiful distinguishing blueprints of music/noise that I’ve ever read.

At LTMPblog we seek to find experience, meaning, and fulfillment within the framework of music as a metaphor with our lives, families, and businesses. Essentially, our goal is to define, find, and create whatever the music to your follower’s, friend’s, and customer’s ear is…and you can do this by noticing what their hands exchange, observing where their feet take them, and reading their expressions and experiences within one’s cultural framework and mindset as they partake in your so-called music.

Whatever or whomever you’re leading, just know that music leaves clues.

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