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When a hobby turns into a metaphor…

…you’re on to something special.

We need all the time we can get with the things that can facilitate what we most need like patience (stillness and meditation), abstraction (art), eclecticism (music), wonder (astronomy), mystery (philosophy), surprise (travel), and resurrection (chocolate, cheese, whiskey, gardening, etc).

Watching sports will very rarely do this.

Permission to be weird as long as it gets you to what you’re meant to be becoming.


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Great questions for reflection…

What do I know now that I didn’t know in the past?

Where and with whom do I experience gratitude?

What was always there that I now see everywhere?

How have I been surprised recently?

What was something I once thought to be true and now I know was a lie?

Where are the places  I find myself saying or thinking “Yes!”?

Where do I need to say “No more!”?

What do I want?

Who do I want to be?

Your answers should make for a lovely 2017.

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Rules and Laws

First, there are no rules.

Just look at Warby Parker, Amazon, The Compassion Collective, and who the next POTUS will be.

But we do have laws. Universal laws. It’s just how things are where we happen to be.

Like the law of compensation (you get what you give) and the law of the harvest (you reap what you sow).

There aren’t many places left where if/then scenarios are consistently reliable. They are, however, with laws such as these.

So don’t just obey them. Enjoy their natural tailwind. That’s why they’re there.

Truth > Trend.


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