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The need for metaphor(s).

Once you have language you then have eyes.

Once you have eyes you can then have vision.

Once you have vision you can find a way to participate.

Once you are participating you can enjoy.

And if you can enjoy then chances are you won’t regret.

In the end, it starts with knowing your need for words/language/metaphor. They are our bridges and magic carpets.

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When a hobby turns into a metaphor…

…you’re on to something special.

We need all the time we can get with the things that can facilitate what we most need like patience (stillness and meditation), abstraction (art), eclecticism (music), wonder (astronomy), mystery (philosophy), surprise (travel), and resurrection (chocolate, cheese, whiskey, gardening, etc).

Watching sports will very rarely do this.

Permission to be weird as long as it gets you to what you’re meant to be becoming.


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Podcast 41: Mystery, Metaphors, and Wonder with Jedidiah Jenkins


At the age of thirty Jedidiah Jenkins got on a bicycle and started his journey from Oregon to Patagonia. Sixteen months later he arrived in Patagonia and he is now sharing his insights on choosing your own life and living with intention. Now serving as the executive editor of Wilderness Magazine, Jedidiah joins us in this podcast as we discuss his journey with Mystery, his love affair with metaphors, and how to cultivate a life of wonder and awe in the magic of the mundane.

It’s such a joy to share this conversation with you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

You can follow and find more information on Jedidiah in the links below.



Lastly, be sure to share this episode with those you love and those you lead! And remember, you can download and stream all of these podcasts in iTunes and at AshtonGustafson.com.

Big Love,



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Giving Yourself To Your Music

Music takes work.

Music takes time.

Music takes romance with an instrument or instruments.

Music doesn’t just happen.

Music can’t comprehend coincidence.

Music takes action. Without it there is no music.

Music doesn’t pray for luck, but she will accept happenstance when it arrives.

Music needs hands, feet, and a voice. Yours preferably.

Something constantly pulls at us trying to convince us that we want fluffy pillows, fancy food, shiny cars, more clothes, bling, and Twitter fame. Yet we’ve never framed one of their receipts or posts have we?

What we truly want from life, if we were to peel it back to the core, is everything that it takes and everything that is needed to make our music.

Ask of your life what it needs for its music to be made and you will have no lack of gain.

Question for the day…”What does my music need?”

Goal for the day…give yourself to that need.


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