Giving Yourself To Your Music

Music takes work.

Music takes time.

Music takes romance with an instrument or instruments.

Music doesn’t just happen.

Music can’t comprehend coincidence.

Music takes action. Without it there is no music.

Music doesn’t pray for luck, but she will accept happenstance when it arrives.

Music needs hands, feet, and a voice. Yours preferably.

Something constantly pulls at us trying to convince us that we want fluffy pillows, fancy food, shiny cars, more clothes, bling, and Twitter fame. Yet we’ve never framed one of their receipts or posts have we?

What we truly want from life, if we were to peel it back to the core, is everything that it takes and everything that is needed to make our music.

Ask of your life what it needs for its music to be made and you will have no lack of gain.

Question for the day…”What does my music need?”

Goal for the day…give yourself to that need.


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One thought on “Giving Yourself To Your Music

  1. Charlie Prothro says:

    Love this!! Thankyou.

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