Unconnected Connecting

William Plomer once called creativity “the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.”

The dots are knocking with offerings and we must answer to connect them.

What are the dots? They’re endless: sunsets, story, meaning, children, food, art, music, sports, rest, rush, friends, trials, excitement, fly fishing, oceans, fulfillment, business, hope, profit, loss, strife, peace, family, legacy, joy, people, experience, stars, team members, love, and anything else you can imagine or care about.

We follow those that connect us with the seemingly unconnected.

Someone out there first thought a marriage between peanut butter and jelly was a good idea. Now that marriage owns the market share of America’s lunch pails.




One thought on “Unconnected Connecting

  1. Tanya Murphy says:

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