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Fast, Faster, and Fastest.

Which one of these do you need to get to or become?

And what if these f words weren’t so much about competing, but were more focused on the speed at which you show up and become human?

What if you became fast to listen?

What if you became faster at giving the world and those in your world an A?

And what if you were known as the fastest to forgive?

The bandwidth of humanity has always been a speed that changes the end user or recipient. And it sure does appear that change just may be the moral of all our stories.

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One of our greatest gifts is our ability to adapt in the midst of change.

The true fear we have in the midst of change is actually a fear of the unknown. So we tend to fight, fly, or freeze when change and an unknown future is on the horizon.

Here’s the catch: change is the horizon. Your gift and reward is your adaption through this horizon.

Merry Christmas.

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What’s next?

Here’s the good news, the answer to the question ‘what’s next’ is currently in you.

Have you noticed the trees recently?

The leaves are beautifully falling away right now, but where would you expect to find the next ones that are waiting to replace them?

On the inside.

Though outwardly we’re wasting away and losing our leaves, yet inwardly we’re being renewed and prepping for the next bloom.

So may you rake your leaves and be grateful for their role in this last season.

Just don’t keep trying to glue them back on.

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If you don’t make a difference…

then what do you make?

Full disclosure, I’m not sure of the exact answer, or if there is one specific answer. But it’s probably, metaphorically, some form of noise. Something unnoticed. Something lost in the mix.

A life that makes a difference is one that points or leads in a way in which people or things are not the same after being encountered to it.

Your music is the difference you’re here to make.

Noise bounces.

Music sticks.

Finally, The Game has a name: Change.

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