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Power and Force

The power we all possess is universal.

This power is gentle, wide, and unlike most things we’ve been schooled into thinking and knowing as powerful.

It isn’t so much about your work as it is about your awakening.

It is well learned in the roots and layers of things.

It knows that a lot of instruments, timing, and tuning must take place for the music to happen.

And then there’s force.

Force¬†isn’t our friend, even though it will do everything it can to make us think so.

Force knows nothing of possibility.

Force can’t imagine a place of paradox to be true.

Force wins the match of the day but loses at the game of life.

Force is the opposite of flow.

But power…

Power loves the process of all things.

Power pursues compassion.

Power includes, transcends, enlarges, and enlivens everything it touches.

Power knows the possibility that is packed into the unity that comes with both individual the and the collective whole.

Power is married to patience.

Power is vulnerable.

And your practice with this power that you behold is the gateway to unlimited joy and open-handed ease with your days.


You just flexed the most powerful muscle you have…your soul.

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Whole and in union. > Fragmented and divided.

Have you ever met a whole person? If you have, they stick with you. Their words, their insights, their expressions, their actions, and their responses all echo from a place of wholeness, unity, reconciliation, and compassion. Everything about them is like a song. A song that heals. A song that illuminates. They know that they don’t know and somehow this has mysteriously connected their dots of life, meaning, and purpose.

Have you ever spent time with a fragmented or divided person? Every moment offers them an opportunity to earn another Masters of Victim Administration. They’ll hand out mirrors as often as they can but they’ll never look in one themselves. The problem is always “over there” and it could never be “in here”. They define everything, including themselves and others, through the lens of competition, criticism, ranking, fragmentation, and division. For some reason they would rather chop and retweet wood with the media to fuel the fires of noise than be an unnoticed vessel for redemption. This is consciousness at the lowest, reptilian level.

The etymology of the word and the idea of a person, comes from the latin verb personare. Per = through….sonar = sound. A sounding through. The original meaning of what it meant to be human was to be a sounding through. How beautiful is that?

Lesson(s) of the day:

  • The message of hope and the music of Love cannot travel through something that is fragmented and divided.
  • We have to start sharing the good and healing moments and movements that are happening and not the loud and clanging symbols of quid pro quo.
  • Most noise makers, unfortunately, haven’t been shown a better way. That’s where you come in.


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Compass and Compassion

These words share an etymological root.

Hidden right within the word compassion is compass. 

I think it’s trying to tell us there’s no other way we’re going to find our way.

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The Space Between (Part 2).

The space between creativity and something new being crafted is me.

The space between me and you is compassion.

The space between compassion and awareness is empathy.

The space between empathy and action is love.

And that is the space that changes the world.

I’ve connected quite a few dots since Part 1.

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