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The Space Between (Part 2).

The space between creativity and something new being crafted is me.

The space between me and you is compassion.

The space between compassion and awareness is empathy.

The space between empathy and action is love.

And that is the space that changes the world.

I’ve connected quite a few dots since Part 1.

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Put it down, flip it, and reverse it.

Contribution is the new consumption.

This backwards reality is the opposite of what we’ve been taught, and yet the leaders of tomorrow – in any field – are starting to understand and see this as the way.

Once you’ve poured something out only then will you have made room to soak something in.

Yes, to get it right, we’re going to have to get it backwards.

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We accept all forms of payment…

…at some point.

Maybe you could pay someone with some help?

Or maybe they could pay you with some insight?

What about encouragement? This is one of the finest and rarest currencies available today…impossible for a check to bounce here.

And then there’s trust, friendship, hope, grace, and love.

Strapped for cash?

Check your wallet for some humanity.

It’s in there.

Even though few are teaching us it’s in there…it’s in there.

You just need to remember to use it.

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