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The Space Between (Part 2).

The space between creativity and something new being crafted is me.

The space between me and you is compassion.

The space between compassion and awareness is empathy.

The space between empathy and action is love.

And that is the space that changes the world.

I’ve connected quite a few dots since Part 1.

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Stop Conforming

 The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain.

-Colin Wilson, British Author


Stop with complaining.

Stop with the coveting.

Stop believing you do not have a choice.

Stop thinking that someone else is responsible for your current course.

Stop accepting decent.

Rather, start.

Start something.

Start the pursuit of extraordinary in all things.

Start to dream.

Start to DO.

This thing is on you and your partnership with The Muse.

In-lieu of conforming start thinking differently. Sounds cliché, but give it whirl.

A mentor from afar of mine, Donald Miller, (that’s one who has written things that I’ve read and listened to, not one who actually has physically mentored me) once said: “You will either write your own story, or someone else will.”

I think the same goes for our music. We either will write it for ourselves or adopt the waltz of another’s noise.



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Gift Gratitude

Creativity is in you – but you must create.
Ideas are in you – but you must think and dwell to find them.
Story is in you – but you must live it.
Song is in you – but you must pick up the instruments.
You are foot equipped – run with decision.
You are hand equipped – serve.
You are eye equipped – focus.
You are ear equipped – tune in.
Gratitude towards these gifts leads us to only one option. That is to use and showcase them the way the Giver intended.
Unwrap your gifts.

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We think…

We think we’re after making a living, but our soul is really after the production and exchange of art.

We think retirement sounds nice, but our hands were meant to create.

We think we want to be settled, but our feet are wrapped in Nikes and hate being idle.

Converse with your soul,

then allow your hands to respond with creation,

then move your art to the marketplace.


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