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Gift Gratitude

Creativity is in you – but you must create.
Ideas are in you – but you must think and dwell to find them.
Story is in you – but you must live it.
Song is in you – but you must pick up the instruments.
You are foot equipped – run with decision.
You are hand equipped – serve.
You are eye equipped – focus.
You are ear equipped – tune in.
Gratitude towards these gifts leads us to only one option. That is to use and showcase them the way the Giver intended.
Unwrap your gifts.

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We think…

We think we’re after making a living, but our soul is really after the production and exchange of art.

We think retirement sounds nice, but our hands were meant to create.

We think we want to be settled, but our feet are wrapped in Nikes and hate being idle.

Converse with your soul,

then allow your hands to respond with creation,

then move your art to the marketplace.


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How did the Wright Brothers get the world air-borne?

How did Henry Ford get the world behind the wheel?

How did Steve Jobs get the world of music to fit in our pockets?

The answer is twofold:

1) They were artist.

2) They were ruined by a dream.

Relentlessly pursue your dreams and make art while doing so…this is the formula of champions.

Whether you like it or not, you are an artist.

We need you to show us how.

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Mud Puddles and Oceans

Utilizing our imagination reduces the chances for the mundane to creep into our lives.

The minute creativity and newness leaves our lives, businesses, and families we allow the water to get stagnant.

No matter the area of our live’s we look into, if “that’s how we’ve always done it” is the chorus in our music – soon that music will stop.

“That’s how we’ve always done it” puts us knee-deep in inescapable mud.

“What if we….? Could it be…? Imagine what the world would be like if……..” – These questions drop us in the deep blue waters of Capri.

Mud puddles are lame. Crashing waves, on the other hand – I can get lost in those all day.

The question is not how can I utilize my imagination better,  but where does imagination gets its spark from? I’m not too sure, but I tend to feel the rays of her warmth every time I question, every time I challenge the status quo, and every time I stop and listen.

An eager ear given to a small seashell just may be able to unlock the secrets of the ocean your trying to decode.

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Creativity = Buzz

It’s more about doing what you think, not doing what you’re told.
It’s more about exposing what your mind has seen, not repeating what your eyes have seen or ears have heard.

True creativity creates “have you heard about???” vs. “been there done that”.
Music, art, and business that lead with creativity always own the market buzz.

So give the eyes and ears of the world something to hear and look at that your mind created – the Muse has flashed it there for that reason.

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