Mud Puddles and Oceans

Utilizing our imagination reduces the chances for the mundane to creep into our lives.

The minute creativity and newness leaves our lives, businesses, and families we allow the water to get stagnant.

No matter the area of our live’s we look into, if “that’s how we’ve always done it” is the chorus in our music – soon that music will stop.

“That’s how we’ve always done it” puts us knee-deep in inescapable mud.

“What if we….? Could it be…? Imagine what the world would be like if……..” – These questions drop us in the deep blue waters of Capri.

Mud puddles are lame. Crashing waves, on the other hand – I can get lost in those all day.

The question is not how can I utilize my imagination better,  but where does imagination gets its spark from? I’m not too sure, but I tend to feel the rays of her warmth every time I question, every time I challenge the status quo, and every time I stop and listen.

An eager ear given to a small seashell just may be able to unlock the secrets of the ocean your trying to decode.

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