Whole and in union. > Fragmented and divided.

Have you ever met a whole person? If you have, they stick with you. Their words, their insights, their expressions, their actions, and their responses all echo from a place of wholeness, unity, reconciliation, and compassion. Everything about them is like a song. A song that heals. A song that illuminates. They know that they don’t know and somehow this has mysteriously connected their dots of life, meaning, and purpose.

Have you ever spent time with a fragmented or divided person? Every moment offers them an opportunity to earn another Masters of Victim Administration. They’ll hand out mirrors as often as they can but they’ll never look in one themselves. The problem is always “over there” and it could never be “in here”. They define everything, including themselves and others, through the lens of competition, criticism, ranking, fragmentation, and division. For some reason they would rather chop and retweet wood with the media to fuel the fires of noise than be an unnoticed vessel for redemption. This is consciousness at the lowest, reptilian level.

The etymology of the word and the idea of a person, comes from the latin verb personare. Per = through….sonar = sound. A sounding through. The original meaning of what it meant to be human was to be a sounding through. How beautiful is that?

Lesson(s) of the day:

  • The message of hope and the music of Love cannot travel through something that is fragmented and divided.
  • We have to start sharing the good and healing moments and movements that are happening and not the loud and clanging symbols of quid pro quo.
  • Most noise makers, unfortunately, haven’t been shown a better way. That’s where you come in.


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One thought on “Whole and in union. > Fragmented and divided.

  1. Reno Gustafson says:

    Ashton, This is wonderful! Love, Dad Sent from my iPhone


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