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Original > Copy

There’s never been another you. To own that reality is a choice.

It’s also choice to become a replica of what has already been.

Nevertheless, in all of our individual originality, we do all rhyme with Love.

One love…in billions and billions of never-before forms.

This is our story.

This is our song.

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You are a line that connects chaos to beauty.

We often ask, “what’s your degree in?” But…what if we asked or were asked, “Where do you see, expose, sense, or feel beauty and order where others see chaos?”

The first question feels like it lends itself to an answer earned via scantrons.

The second question feels like the answer is to be authored by destiny, genius, and mysterious possibility.

Chaos is quite subjective and I hope you’re on your way to find it to be synonymous with beauty somewhere out there.

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No. It’s Not That. It’s this.

You’re not after trophies.

You’re not after status.

You’re not after “like” clicks.

You’re not after retweets.

You’re not after accolades.

You’re not after money.


You are, however, after doing something with your life.

You are here to make this place better.

Let’s call it this and not that.

This (thing that you are here for) > That (which they’ve convinced you to believe)

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Destiny Via Belief

Your destiny is intertwined with what you believe about yourself, your circumstances, and your purpose.

We don’t believe everything that the world may tell us, but we do believe everything we tell ourselves.

When it comes to your beliefs, you are a far better teacher for yourself than I or anyone else ever could be.

Listen up. Listen in. Live it out.

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Have you thought of yourself as a conduit lately?

We all are. We just don’t think about it often.

Right now on a sheet of paper write your name.

Now – next to your name write – a means of transmitting, distributing, or expressing.

Didn’t realize you held that responsibility, capability, and power did you?


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