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Vision 2012

I arrived at Baylor University in the academic year of 2001-2002. This was the year the university released it’s somewhat unpopular Vision 2012.

One of the vision goals was to become competitive in all sports. It is now 2012 and this year Baylor University has:

  • Won the Alamo Bowl
  • Received its first Heisman Award Winner
  • Finished #11 in Football final rankings
  • Won National Championship in Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s Basketball made it to Elite 8
  • Men’s Baseball has just won 24 games in a row and broke the Big 12 record for conference wins in a row.

The Scriptures explain “where is no vision the people perish.”  And where there is vision, the possibilities are endless.

When you tell the world where you are going somehow it tends to start clearing a way for you.

Vision has quickly become a consistent topic here at I’m constantly reminded I need more of it.

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You and Change

You want the market to change? You need to change.

You want your clients to change? You need to change your approach.

You want your life to change? You need to change your life.

You want what you’re getting out of _____ to change? You need to change what you’re putting into _______.

Sad, but most would rather take time to confirm their fashion taste in the window reflections they pass than ask themselves these difficult questions looking into the mirror each morning.

Why? Because we are the answer.

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Music in a Noisy World

I’m speaking this morning in Los Angeles on the subject of making music in noisy world.

Truly, we either make noise or we make music with our lives.

Noise is rarely noticed in a world full of a billion tweets, pokes, pins, texts, products, and ideas.

Music, on the other hand, the masses can’t seem to get enough of.

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