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Stories, Choices, and Values.

With each new moment we walk into a story begins. It’s a story about a choice and it’s a story about choosing to interact with the ideals that we hold high and value.

Prayer is a story about a choice and something you value.

So is stillness.

So is action.

And so is an unnecessary reaction. That’s a story about a choice and a value too.

What if the fives senses were to become things we valued instead of forgotten gifts we unknowingly experienced?

For instance, what if we valued feeling the love, seeing the beauty, smelling the proverbial roses, tasting the moment, and touching the heart?

Most likely our choices would change first and then so would our stories.

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Are you just going to sit there and watch…

…the story about a faux girlfriend?

…her question him about how the EPO made him peddle faster?

…people wait in line, audition, get a yellow ticket, and then audition for 3 more months?

Or are you going to make your own news?

We’re drowning in other’s stories when our own story is screaming for just one page to be turned.

It’s dim..so dim. Shine a light for us.

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The Art of Story


  • Here’s the story, of a lovely lady. Here’s the story, of a man named Brady….
  • Come listen to a story about a man named Jed. A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed…


  • Here’s the story about a guy that lost 250 pounds eating $5.00 footlong sub sandwiches.
  • “In 15 minutes I saved 15% on my car insurance.”

Stories are the reason we tune in and the reason we buy in.

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