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When you’re stuck…

…are you stuck because it’s safer there?

Unstuck would mean freedom, right?

And freedom would mean exposure, right?

And exposure would mean you would be seen, right?

Here’s some gospel creamer for your life’s cup of coffee to be sipped all of your days…

…we want to see you.

…we need to see you.

…and we won’t be the same without you.

So be free. If you need a permission slip, consider this it.

Expose us to the never-ending you that’s alive in the temporary you.

If life is a lesson in learning to love, then it appears we need that to be individually mirrored in approximately 7.4 billion ways.

Alas, no one has ever tried to be you before.

So try yourself on for size.

We’ll all say it fits.

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Being, Doing, and Having.

We tend to find ourselves in one of three camps…

  1. Have – Do – Be
    1. “Once I have_____ I will then get to _____ and finally I will be_____.
  2. Do – Have – Be
    1. “If I could just _____ I would have _______ which makes me _______.
  3. Be – Do – Have.
    1. “I am loved and enough so my story’s potential is limitless and everything I could ever want is here and available in this moment.”

Two of these are cuffs on the hands of our hearts and souls.

One of these breaks the chains.


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3 words.

Be here now.




Be. Here. Now.

We tend to look everywhere but within, here, and now…and, yet, it’s precisely where the magic is.

Don’t forget to open your presence.

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