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Says who?

Most of the time it’s us…drawing the lines that supposedly can’t be crossed, building the boxes we say can’t be escaped, and sharing the words that cut the cords to possibility.

A massive leap towards success happens when you gain the awareness of the dialogue, right or wrong, that is happening with yourself hundreds of thousands of times a day.

Personal Responsibility > The Blame Game.

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2 Ways To Win Today in Business

1). Become cheaper.

2). Become more human.

There’s no vulnerability in a race to the bottom. Which is why most choose #1.

Yet vulnerability is the dirt where possibility grows and blooms into stories that get shared, get talked about, and connect us.

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5 Ways To Keep Calm (So You Can Focus)

For most of us, the lion isn’t chasing us in the jungle anymore. So why all the stress and all of the books and discussion of how to tame it?

It appears that in world over-served with the noise of “must-have” toys, experiences, and trinkets, we can’t seem to focus long enough to truly understand what we want out of our lives, relationships, and businesses. In other words, the buffet of choice, with everything item screaming for us to ‘like it’, is stressing us out.

I’ve learned that the calm ones are the focused ones…and the focused ones get what they want (and what we truly want too). They get a life that means something and one that is lived with purpose. They work hard, sleep well, and have a peace that paves the way for focus.

Here’s 5 Ways to Keep Calm…so you can focus and tend to your gardens of life.

1) Gratitude Awareness: This isn’t about things. This is about health, well-being, and opportunity to see, take in, partake, and experience your role in the story unfolding.

2) More and More of Less and Less: In the end, you can hardly recall a test you failed, a breakup, or something else disturbing that happens to you just 90 days down the road. Fewer things of importance leads to fewer things to stress about. Realize what makes you tick and stay near such things. This goes for all things in life.

3) Sleep: Studies are showing the #1 place we can all use a tune up is in the sleep department. DVR Fallon if it’s that important to you.

4) Avoid Thoughts of your “Future Self”: Plan, invest, and sow wisely, but don’t let tomorrow cause you to miss out on the beauty to behold today.

5) Reflect: You won’t believe what the mirror wants to tell you if you’re willing to look and listen to it for a while. Click here and check out Headspace.

Final thought…try to make focus a noun, not a verb in the days ahead. You’d rather have it than do it.

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