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Podcast 61: We Stood Upon Stars with Roger W. Thompson


Roger W. Thompson has become a better version of himself because of the time he has spent in natural wonders of mountains, deserts, and oceans. These are sacred places, where God still speaks through the wild. He records his thoughts by journal through these travels in We Stood Upon Stars, providing insights of the American wilderness and how, if we listen, its Voice will speak truth into our doubts and searches.

You can stream this episode and all other episodes of Let The Music Play Podcast in iTunes or at AshtonGustafson.com.


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Building Your Immunities

To conquer fear you must take it on fight, after fight, after fight. Don’t allow it go viral in or around you. Daily wash your hands of it and slowly it will lose its effect on you.

When adversity hits, take it on full speed. Power through. Remember it’s typically a sign from the Muse you’re on the RIGHT path. Preparation is penicillin to adversity.

Careful with ‘yes’. ‘Yes’ to an hour in your inbox leads to and hour on YouTube. 120 minutes gone all because you said ‘yes’. Awareness is the Z-Pak to the ‘Yes’ Virus.

These are costly viruses with one goal: attacking your creativity. And you have no insurance or deductible to meet that will protect you from them.

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