Today we return to our original tempo and tone as humans. Gratitude was always meant to be our song.

We our wired to be awe-struck and wonder-eyed by the infinite givenness of universe. 

Today we celebrate this givenness…the seen and the unseen…the known and the unknown…the certainty and the Mystery. 

We must return to this as our normal state of being.

When the human spirit is rooted in gratitude, it becomes a channel and, subsequently, a river for love, grace, and peace. In other words, our posture today is the great predecessor to what will heal us and our world.

Take note of how little you try to judge, critique, change, or fix what is today. You simply just enjoy it for what it is and you reflect on the enjoyment.

May we repeat today all of our days.

We can do better than 1 out of 365.

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