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Beginning, Middle, End.

Where can I contribute?

Am I contributing?

Did I contribute?

Everyone asks question #3 in the end.

Don’t forget to be asking questions #1 and #2 in the beginning and the middle.

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The First ‘Yes’.

Remember that first day you arrived to work? That day you shot out of bed, saw the world in possibilities, and tuned your heart a frequency of service?

For those that are married, what about your wedding day? That ‘I do’ that day was a promise of ‘yes’.

And for those of us with children, go to the delivery room. Nothing but ‘yes’ happens there.

We constantly must get back to the original day we said ‘yes’.

What you originally wanted hasn’t changed.

When most frustration arrives, you’ve probably allowed yourself to leave the state (or lose sight of) when you made your first commitment to ‘yes’. What has changed is how you see/perceive what you currently have.

There isn’t a better place to look at the finish line than going back to and getting into the state you were in at the starting line.

Monday. ‘Yes’ day.

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Every breakthrough in my life has come from coming across some form of new vernacular. Beauty always unfolds when our linguistic lens is cleaned and polished.

Sometimes it takes a new word or words, a metaphor, or a concept to get me on the other side to where I want to be.

Like the night I found myself to be caught in noise was when I realized what I needed was the (my) music. Thankfully, I’ve never fully recovered from that moment of clarity and it is what appears to be my life’s journey.

In preparation for 2015, one of the goals of LTMPblog is provide life-giving vernacular that can be the root cause for breakthrough in our lives, relationships, and businesses.

We all have walls that are keeping us out of the next room of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in our lives. If you have something you would like addressed here, let it be known and I’ll do my best to provide a wrecking ball.

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Seek and You Shall…


Not wander. Not stumble upon. The ancient scripture simply states you will find.

Let us be people of great questions, and in doing so, become even better seekers for what we are all truly after.

You may just be your own best form of Google.

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What’s Trending?

Good question.

Perhaps the more important question is where does every trend have its inception?

Love, beauty, experience, courage, romance, joy, meaning, hope, & connection..these are the the foundations of any and every trend.

Therefore, a trend cannot be born without the life of something that never goes out of style. Alas, may we be build our lives, families, and businesses around what is, what was, and what always will be.

There are some things that are worthy our hashtags and there are some things that are worthy of our days.

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