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What’s Trending?

Good question.

Perhaps the more important question is where does every trend have its inception?

Love, beauty, experience, courage, romance, joy, meaning, hope, & connection..these are the the foundations of any and every trend.

Therefore, a trend cannot be born without the life of something that never goes out of style. Alas, may we be build our lives, families, and businesses around what is, what was, and what always will be.

There are some things that are worthy our hashtags and there are some things that are worthy of our days.

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The Stars Have Something To Disclose

Sooner or later it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, believes, says, tweets, or posts.

It’s going to come down to what do you believe? Your beliefs will determine your steps, actions, and eventually your legacy.

Did you believe what you read in the skin and bones found in your mirror this morning?

None of this stuff we’re reading or following (including this blog) online is too legit to quit or at least pause for a season so we can think on our own.

Getting lost in the stars will never be replaced by being found on or in the web.

Go outside. Look up.

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