The First ‘Yes’.

Remember that first day you arrived to work? That day you shot out of bed, saw the world in possibilities, and tuned your heart a frequency of service?

For those that are married, what about your wedding day? That ‘I do’ that day was a promise of ‘yes’.

And for those of us with children, go to the delivery room. Nothing but ‘yes’ happens there.

We constantly must get back to the original day we said ‘yes’.

What you originally wanted hasn’t changed.

When most frustration arrives, you’ve probably allowed yourself to leave the state (or lose sight of) when you made your first commitment to ‘yes’. What has changed is how you see/perceive what you currently have.

There isn’t a better place to look at the finish line than going back to and getting into the state you were in at the starting line.

Monday. ‘Yes’ day.

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5 thoughts on “The First ‘Yes’.

  1. Lane Landes says:

    Loved this. One of the “yeses” I made was back in 1996 when Sarah and I moved to Wichita Falls. Said “yes” to a realtor named Denny Bishop. The relationships that developed from that “yes” have been a blessing to me and my family ever since.

  2. Nathan Martinez says:

    Good stuff my friend. I am reading Santana’s new book about his life and the music that has influence him. He talks a lot about bending notes and playing from with in. I think you will enjoy it. with gratitude Nate >

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