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The Battle of Self Duplicity

In your pursuit of music, if you give yourself the option to accept noise or make noise, chances are, you just may take yourself up on it.

And why not? Easy, safe, and under the radar is a lot less risky than willingly taking the stage, grabbing the mic, and doing your thing – while the world watches.

Unfortunately, the battle of self duplicity – giving yourself options for success – tends to not end with what we truly want and are after.

Here’s the catch: in your pursuit of music you just may be seen. But hey, if you’re not seen you can’t be shared.

Secondly, if you keep what’s inside of you on the inside, it will never reach the outside of someone and change them on the inside. The world doesn’t change with the songs in your head and heart. It changes with those on the tips of your fingers and tongue.

In the end, we all must adopt the single-minded purpose and hope of music. Noise can’t be in the equation of whatever success algorithm you choose. Any plan b, c, or d just distracts from plan a) music.

If you want to have options with your music, allow yourself to have two:





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Knowing The Answer For Today

…isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be.

On the flipside, something beautiful unfolds when we ponder what will be the the necessary solutions and answers for the questions that will be asked of those that we serve tomorrow and in the days to come.

We have moved from an economy of standardized tests to one powered by the pop quiz.



Be ready.

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A Connection Is…

They’re saying we’re in the “Connection Economy” but what do we mean when we say connection?

Most think this means that you, your cause, your idea, or your service grows when your number of followers and ‘likes’ grows.

Let’s call that what it truly is: a popularity contest. You can buy friends, you can buy likes, but can’t buy a connection. It appears that this connection economy is not suggesting, rather it is demanding that we redefine what it means to connect.

I believe a connection is what happens when, because of you, someone is then connected with some thing-person-idea-information that otherwise would have been disconnected had you not been in relationship with that person. We connect when we become the middle man between someone and their enlightenment. A connection is a relationship where the goal is to see, hear, feel, and taste.

Alas, connection is all about bringing more and more value, clearer insight, holy inspiration, and an overall better experience to those we enter into relationship.

People will connect the dots when you shine a light on them.


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Go Outside…

…of ordinary that is.

For one to achieve something outside of the ordinary, they must leave ordinary circumstances, moments, and mentalities.

A worthy goal, with the right mindset, is to make each area of your life as unusual as possible.

Sleep time, wake up time, practice, play, rest, relationships, work ethic, energy, failure/success, belief, study time, watching, listening, note taking, connecting…these are the areas we must pursue an awareness of and enter into with unusual, and hopefully habitual, thinking and action.

2 Things:

Normal is going to get you normal every time.


You’re going to want to be called weird.

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The Mystery of Music

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the music metaphor for success is its mysteriousness. The truth about our music, the success we pursue, is that it is a never ending and ever-changing pursuit that is always just on the horizon of our vision, reach, and hopes.

Einstein framed this very well by saying, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”

Growth stops, fresh turns stale, and color fades to black and white when we lose the emotion of mystery.

I’m After It > I Got It.

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