The Battle of Self Duplicity

In your pursuit of music, if you give yourself the option to accept noise or make noise, chances are, you just may take yourself up on it.

And why not? Easy, safe, and under the radar is a lot less risky than willingly taking the stage, grabbing the mic, and doing your thing – while the world watches.

Unfortunately, the battle of self duplicity – giving yourself options for success – tends to not end with what we truly want and are after.

Here’s the catch: in your pursuit of music you just may be seen. But hey, if you’re not seen you can’t be shared.

Secondly, if you keep what’s inside of you on the inside, it will never reach the outside of someone and change them on the inside. The world doesn’t change with the songs in your head and heart. It changes with those on the tips of your fingers and tongue.

In the end, we all must adopt the single-minded purpose and hope of music. Noise can’t be in the equation of whatever success algorithm you choose. Any plan b, c, or d just distracts from plan a) music.

If you want to have options with your music, allow yourself to have two:





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