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Go Outside…

…of ordinary that is.

For one to achieve something outside of the ordinary, they must leave ordinary circumstances, moments, and mentalities.

A worthy goal, with the right mindset, is to make each area of your life as unusual as possible.

Sleep time, wake up time, practice, play, rest, relationships, work ethic, energy, failure/success, belief, study time, watching, listening, note taking, connecting…these are the areas we must pursue an awareness of and enter into with unusual, and hopefully habitual, thinking and action.

2 Things:

Normal is going to get you normal every time.


You’re going to want to be called weird.

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Your biggest advantage is in your weirdness…your difference…and not in your similarities with others.

We’ve often discussed here that Customer Care > Competition Concern.

I assure you this is true.

When you’re always looking over your shoulder and concerned with the competition, more often than not, you become what you never wanted to be…more like them.

Here’s the best news of today. There’s something about you, that’s…well…you.

And that’s all you need.

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