A Connection Is…

They’re saying we’re in the “Connection Economy” but what do we mean when we say connection?

Most think this means that you, your cause, your idea, or your service grows when your number of followers and ‘likes’ grows.

Let’s call that what it truly is: a popularity contest. You can buy friends, you can buy likes, but can’t buy a connection. It appears that this connection economy is not suggesting, rather it is demanding that we redefine what it means to connect.

I believe a connection is what happens when, because of you, someone is then connected with some thing-person-idea-information that otherwise would have been disconnected had you not been in relationship with that person. We connect when we become the middle man between someone and their enlightenment. A connection is a relationship where the goal is to see, hear, feel, and taste.

Alas, connection is all about bringing more and more value, clearer insight, holy inspiration, and an overall better experience to those we enter into relationship.

People will connect the dots when you shine a light on them.


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