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The Magic Number…

…is enough.

Any other number that we believe is the bridge between us and our joy, peace, and contentment is simply not true.

You can’t weigh enough.

You can’t count enough.

You can’t measure enough.

You can only hold it…be with it…and enjoy it. It’s simply experiential and it’s the most freeing number your soul will ever know.

PS // What if we taught our children how to count to enough? My sense is that by learning how to behold the ‘enough’ in their little lives they would also internally find a way to see this big beautiful truth in the mirror as well.

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An artist has no problem occupying, diving into, or even setting sail into the vacant, the open, and the unknown.

Such pursuit of discovery is a beautiful way to unwrap the gift that is called possibility.

Today, may you and your discovery horizons be blessed.

Seaside, FL

Seaside, Florida 2015

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10 Years From Now What Will Still Be Warm?

We often ask how the world will be different 10 years from today, but rarely discuss what will still be the same.

None of us know what will be hot 10 years from today. Some of us think we do, but hot things aren’t necessarily predictable. So the questions is what will still be warm? What will be constant?

The most probable answers are things like: respect, relationship, service, response, speed, communication, and experience. 10 years from today they will be warm. 100 years from today they will still be warm.

It’s much riskier to put all your chips on the hottest platform, media outlet, or trend than it is the things that are warm and constant.

That is not to say we should ignore what’s hot. We just can’t forget that entrepreneurship and good business is embracing what’s hot in the pursuit of what never gets cold.

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